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What might you do to be BOLD and step out of YOUR comfort zone this year?

It was 5:58 am on Aug 24.  I was feeling nauseous and like the dumbest person in the entire world.  I was giving a TED talk in 4 and a half hours.  The video was going to be live steam and unforgiving. Memorization was required.  Could I really remember the whole 15 minutes?

Why did I commit to do a TED Talk if it was going to be this hard? Honestly, I did not realize how hard it would be.  But I really wanted to see if I could.  Lots of people I admire have TED Talks.  Could I communicate in the TED way? 

The fear was very present but the meaning in stepping out of my comfort zone was also present.  

What might you do this year to stretch and be bold? 


 +Stay in touch with what really matters. Slow down and take your own measure. 

 +Summon the courage and stand up and follow through when it matters.

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