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Authenticity is the best way to lead, and an effective way to maintain success as an organization. This practical guide shows you how to find your authentic self and leverage it into an effective leadership training strategy.

How do you stay true to yourself while leading others?
Having a successful, rewarding career can be challenging, especially in today’s ever-changing business dynamics. Your company’s culture may shift, or you may land on a new path that puts you in unfamiliar territory. Maybe you’re at a crossroads with how to get to the next level. Regardless, what worked for you yesterday may not work for you tomorrow. How do you successfully navigate and thrive?

Through her executive coaching work, Karissa has demonstrated that the path is through authenticity, and specifically through leveraging one’s authentic self when leading others. In her book, The Art of Authenticity, she combines empirical evidence with insights from her career to provide readers with advice on becoming an authentic leader. As Karissa has shown, authenticity is the best way to lead–and the right way to achieve sustainable success in our demanding business world.

The Art of Authenticity is a handbook for transforming your leadership by tapping into who you are at the deepest level. With insight gleaned from more than 20 years working with executives at nearly half of the Fortune 500® companies, Karissa demonstrates in clear, compelling language how it’s possible not only to lead through action, reflection, and conscious choice, but to maintain your core principles while inspiring a winning team.

Brimming with wisdom and research-backed findings, The Art of Authenticity provides readers with expert guidance on the artful application of psychological principles to real-world business situations, and offers powerful tools and insights for becoming your best, most authentic self.

The Art of Authenticity shows you how to:

  • - Lead with loyalty, honesty, ethics, and consideration
  • - Make conscious choices instead of knee-jerk reactions
  • - Stay true to your values in even the most demanding situations

Within the pages of The Art of Authenticity, readers will find the tools required to become the catalysts of change today’s organizations so desperately need.

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The Art of Authenticity is available for purchase through amazon and Wiley
“My approach to team intervention is built on two principles: Create a safe space, but push hard.”
— Karissa Thacker

The Art of Authenticity is available for purchase through the following:

“My approach to team intervention is built on two principles: Create a safe space, but push hard.”
— Karissa Thacker

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