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Introduction to Positive Leadership: A New Online Course

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Introduction to Positive Leadership: A New Online Course

Leadership is taking deliberate action in a desired direction towards a specific aspiration. Leading is an honor and a privilege—and a big responsibility. Done right, leadership builds both the leader and the organization. Individually and collectively, leading is a sustainable and energizing force for positive impact.

Positive Leadership is an action-oriented course, grounded in the science of positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship. You’ll engage in deep learning paired with interventions to apply within your work—a powerful combination of action and reflection that broadens your ability to make meaningful moves towards a thriving environment. Supported by guidance and coaching from faculty and peers, you actively implement as a key component of learning. Learn more:

About the Wholebeing Institute Through online and on-site learning opportunities centered on positive psychology and transformation, this Massachusetts-based educational organization is committed to spreading ideas and practices that “help individuals and groups live life to its fullest.”

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