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The Wisdom of NOT Thinking: Meaningful Life

One of the most meaningful states in life is a flow state. Flow states occur when we are totally in the moment and not thinking. We literally lose self-consciousness and become lost in the task. All athletes aspire to flow states. If you watch Federer on a good day, he personifies it in the world of tennis. Most people experience more flow states in their work than in their family life. What can you do to experience more flow? [...]

Snap Your Fingers To Overcome Stress: Meaningful Life

The power of rituals that we have practiced over and over so that they are wired into our nervous system to overcome a moment of high stress is scientific fact. If you are a tennis player and want evidence, watch the pros. Most of their rituals are more subtle than the beloved Nadal but they all have them. How do we transcend moments of stress when we feel like we can't do anything right on the tennis court and in our life? [...]

Assess How You Relate to Stress: Meaningful Life

I tend to overwork in relation to stress on the tennis court and in my life. I try too hard and burn myself out. Others tend to give up. Still others are skillful in stepping back and working smarter. [...]

January 23, 2017 | Categories: Decision Making, Meaningful Life | 0 Comments

Meaningful Life: What Is Your Personal Passion Project?

What is your personal passion project? Work does not count. As important as your family is, it does not count either. A personal passion project is something that you do just for the sake of doing it. You work on your personal passion project because it brings you joy. You work on it because care about it not for an extrinsic reward. The motivation is coming purely from you or is intrinsic. [...]

What might you do to be BOLD and step out of YOUR comfort zone this year?

It was 5:58 am on Aug 24. I was feeling nauseous and like the dumbest person in the entire world. I was giving a TED talk in 4 and a half hours. The video was going to be live steam and unforgiving. Memorization was required. Could I really remember the whole 15 minutes? [...]

January 11, 2017 | Categories: Authenticity, Individual Development | 0 Comments

Meaningful Life: One Way To Develop Your Character

David Brooks has contributed a useful distinction to the discussion on human virtue. He says that there are resume virtues and eulogy virtues. Resume virtues are skills like designing web sites, flying an airplane, or public speaking. Eulogy virtues are the kinds of characteristics that we talk about at funerals. He was caring, kind, curious, and persistent. Eulogy virtues are the things that we admire in others. [...]

January 10, 2017 | Categories: Assessment Tools, Meaningful Life | 0 Comments

Meaningful Life 101: Week One: CREATING Your Job

The subtle difference between cultivating meaning in YOUR life and the meaning of life is really important. Karissa will be talking to leaders around the globe about how to cultivate a meaningful life. Each video will provide practical steps to bring meaning into your hours and days in 2017. [...]

KT Holiday Book List

Looking for some good books to read over the holidays? Inspiring thoughts, perceptive commentary, and exciting discoveries for the from Karissa Thacker. Take ten minutes a day to time to take your mind off of your recent status update and enjoy the holidays! [...]

December 13, 2016 | Categories: Individual Development, Learning | 0 Comments

Final Thoughts: Ted x Wilmington

The TED x process was not what I expected. It challenged me in ways that I did not see coming. Oddly though, aside from not starting to memorize until the talk is really finalized (no more edits), I don’t think I would change a thing. Here is what I learned: [...]

August 30, 2016 | Categories: Individual Development, Learning | 0 Comments

Getting Ready for Ted X

Ajit sent an email today saying that is was 37 days before the big TEDx Wilmington day of Aug 24!! Oh my. How did this happen? I had planned to lose 10 pounds by now. The notion of a full person video continues to be a bit daunting no matter how many people view it or not. I will know it is out there! Much better news on the content front. After struggling with the ending, for weeks, I now have an ending that I am happy with. Today July 18, I am declaring no more editing of the TEDx Talk. That is harder for me than it sounds. I am one of those odd people who actually likes to continually edit. But it is officially time to move on to the hard core rehearsal, practice, and memorization phase. [...]

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