Elevating leadership through authenticity.

independent advisory

Exclusive, one-on-one sessions tailored to the specific challenges leaders face today. Whether you’re dealing with significant new responsibilities, managing change at a rapidly growing organization, or simply trying to reconnect with the inspiration that elevated your career in the first place, Karissa’s thorough leadership assessments and thoughtful executive coaching skills will help you cut through the clutter and see your attributes in a new light.

team advisory

Today’s corporate landscape demands stronger, more cohesive teams than ever before–teams that can confront the most stubborn issues while pointing the way to a successful future.

Karissa offers focused, deep-dive team development workshops at the location of your choice. These workshops allow teams to create synergy around business objectives, clarify priorities, and collaborate to win.

The team advisory practice is available in three distinct formats:

  • Team assessment
    Get a clear picture of current team function and a roadmap to greater effectiveness. The assessment package includes a rigorous interview process and rating scales completed by each team member. Results are shared with the team leadership along with specific, actionable recommendations.
  • Team retreat
    Off-site retreats give teams a rare opportunity to unplug from the “daily grind” and interact as human beings for a change. Karissa provides a creative yet structured format that brings clarity to business problems, enhances engagement, and restores the vitality to morale-challenged teams.
  • Team intervention
    This high-impact, “action-learning” approach requires participants to “unlearn” habits that erode trust (and undermine progress) and learn genuine collaboration skills. Karissa is closely involved throughout the process, working with individual team members in private as well as in the group setting. Each intervention is customized to address a specific challenge

To find out more about coaching, coaching style, or to book coaching, contact Karissa directly.

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