Elevating leadership through authenticity.

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Fortune 500® Companies Karissa has worked with to drive performance and leadership growth. Fortune 500® Companies Karissa has worked with to drive performance and leadership growth.

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For more than 20 years, many of the world’s most successful corporations have turned to Karissa for her uniquely effective, research-informed path to executive and team transformation.

Karissa offers analysis and guidance in the following areas:

  • Leadership Development and Training
    Find and leverage your authentic self
  • Team Development
    Transcend average performance to extraordinary
  • Personal Transformation
    Create new opportunities through behavioral experiments and learning by doing
  • Workplace and Organizational Psychology
    Leverage behavioral science for increased understanding and engagement at your organization
  • Workplace Dynamics
    Discover new avenues to employee well-being and productivity
  • Positive High-Performance Teams
    Stimulate greater creativity, cooperation, and communication among your most business-critical teams
  • Cultural Adaptation
    Rally others to your company’s mission and values, regardless of their background, status, or experience
  • Leading During Organizational Change
    Energize others to become active players in the change process
  • Managing a Complex Enterprise
    Find solutions to challenges at fast-growing and geographically distributed organizations
  • Executive Transitions
    Guide your organization through significant leadership changes


Karissa’s range of services spans executive development, team assessment, and public speaking. She provides actionable, science-based, on-the-ground insights that are valuable for anyone navigating today’s fast-changing business structures.

  • Executive advisory
    Customized programs include quick coaching, high-impact coaching, and special-topic coaching appropriate to C-suite leaders, senior VPs, VPs, directors, and managers.
  • Team advisory
    Group development programs designed to assess and diagnose team challenges and lead participants into an honest and more effective form of collaboration. On-site and off-site programs available.
  • Speaking engagements
    One-off talks or series presentations on a variety of business-critical topics, from mastering The Art of Authenticity to high-stakes decision-making.

To learn more about coaching services or speaking availability, contact Karissa directly.

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